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For over 20 years, Fabio Leite de Moraes, the founder, has been involved and is responsible for the biggest, most complex and important work in the country, has decided to take a big step at the end of 2019 - open his own company. His work philosophy consists of social responsibility, sharing profits and results, valuing employees and being conscious of the well being of everyone involved, society and the environment.
FLM's differentials are: operational excellence, turning its customers into allies, making lasting partnerships and being a company engaged in society, promoting common well-being through its economic activity.

Develop the FLM through businesses that allow the creation of economic value, recognition of society and fulfillment of the aspirations of employees, suppliers, customers and partners, in a sustainable and permanent way.

To be a company that actively participates in the industrial construction, oil and gas, building and infrastructure sectors, through electromechanical engineering, development and assembly, in the private and public sectors in Brazil.

- Valuing people
- Agile and transparent management
- Excellence in customer service
- Commitment to results
- Responsibility to the environment and the community
- Promotion of health and safety
- Commitment to transparency and ethics

Respect for the environment and, together with the evolution of society, contribute to an environmentally better world, through intelligent and innovative solutions, making the place of its activities environmentally better than before the presence of FLM.

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